At the Phoenix Spiritual Group we aim to provide you with regular top quality mediumship demonstrations.  You can be sure of a warm welcome at the Phoenix, whether it's your first time to an event of this kind or whether you're a regular.

We strive to provide you with opportunities to see a variety of mediums and psychics work, some of whom are based locally and many from outside of this area. 


Unfortunately, restrictions remain in place at our venue which means we are still not able to use them in the way we were able to prior to the pandemic.  We hope it will not be long before we can resume face-to-face events of this nature, in the meantime, we are holding some events in person and others on Facebook or on Zoom.


Please continue to monitor this website and our Facebook pages for updates on the Phoenix's re-introduction to face-to-face events, which we hope will occur soon.  Thank you for your patience.