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Intuition as a tool for life

Workshop with Brenda & Andy Dean

Date: 25th April 2020

Have you ever wondered why you get feelings about things which turn out to be accurate?

Do you ever help others with insights or advice which surprises you in its wisdom?

Do you like to help people and would you like to develop your own ability to know the difference between inspiration from your inner self and physical thought?

Would you like to help yourself to put aside fears and embrace your life?

We all have that sixth sense within us....some of us choose to ignore it or dont take it further.....

This one day workshop could help you to view life from a different position as you choose to embrace your natural psychic abilities. 

The day is suitable for complete beginners to advanced students who find they limit their own psychic development.  It is designed to not only benefit intuitive development but also to provide a healing experience.


Join us for this Wonderful Workshop - prebooking essential

Price: £25

Date: 25th April 2020

Time: 10am until 4pm (complimentary breakfast from 9:30am)

Location: Maiden Place Community Centre

Contact: Email or call Jacqui to book your place

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