Development Circles

By sitting in circle (in a group) each week we can help you to take steps forward in your spiritual development.  Based at South Reading's Community Hub, Phoenix offers development circles which can accommodate all levels of ability.  Phoenix also continues to run existing circle's on Zoom.

So many people have questions about their individual spiritual experiences and are keen to find answers; to explore what it's all about and possibly develop their own sensitivities.

At the Phoenix, we aim to cater for all stages of development within our groups and run  development circles for this purpose.  Circles run on a termly basis, usually in blocks of 5 or 6 weekly sessions, each session lasting 90 minutes.


For those new to the Phoenix development circles we hold periodic induction/assessment sessions, in order to ease you into a closed group run by Brenda and Andy Dean.  These induction/assessment sessions are Zoom based.  Due to the high demand for circle spaces, we cannot guarantee availability in a face to face circle immediately after induction.

Please telephone or email Andy or Brenda to find out more about our development circles and to register for the next induction/assessment session.