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Variety is the spice of life and at Phoenix Spiritual Group.  We offer you opportunities to participate in a range of educational and developmental activities such as weekly Circles, regular Workshops, various courses and our Chooseday Events on the 3rd Tuesday each month.  

People  seek development for all manner of reasons, be it because of a calling; to find out more about what you've already experienced; or as a result of life experiences. We believe that developing your spiritual abilities is something to be embraced and enjoyed and we work hard to offer a variety of  interesting; new; alternative and conventional options to choose from. 

Take a look at the options below:

Circle Development


We never stop learning, nor cease to need to develop and so the opportunities we present aim to help individuals of differing levels of development and experience move forward on their journey.

We work hard to seek out different education opportunites through our networks of spiritual workers and mediums. 

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Our Chooseday events are held each 3rd Tuesday of the month and give you the opportunity to dip your toe into the subject of choice which may be in the form of a demonstration; a talk; a training activity or experience for your spiritual growth. 

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By sitting in circle (in a group) each week we can help you to take steps forward in your spiritual development.  Based at South Reading's Community Hub, Phoenix   offers development circles which can accommodate all levels of ability.

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