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Event - Gong Bath 

  Gong baths are an easy form of meditation, allowing you to immerse yourself in vibration and sound.  Let the richness of the sound waves help to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and bring balance to your body.

Allow Samantha to take you on an effortless journey -whilst you just lay back and relax.

The evening starts with a meditation to get you in a receiving place and then the gong will be played for around 40-45 minutes, after which you will be gently awoken. 

The gong will be placed in the centre of the room, but where you decide to lay is up to you. Some people like to lay close to the gong, others prefer to lay a little further out. All positions are equally beneficial, but up to your own personal preference.

Some people prefer to sit in chairs, whilst most like to lie down. We ask that you bring anything you need to ensure lying on the floor is as comfy for you as possible. You will need a yoga mat or a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a blanket to cover you. We also have a small number of eye masks if you would prefer to experience it in darkness.

Light refreshments and water will be available, along with our availability after the Gong bath should you wish to talk to us regarding your experience.


Price: £18.50

Date: 24th April 2020

Time: 7:15pm until 830pm

Location: Radstock Lane Community Centre

Contact: Email or call Jacqui on 07770 825 421 to book your place

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