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Workshop - The Magic of Crystals 

Date: 3rd November 2018

We very much look forward to welcoming a great friend of the Phoenix to work with us for this wonderful workshop.

"My life has changed completely since I began my relationship with crystals over 40 years ago and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience with you in this lovely workshop for the Phoenix Spiritual Group!"

You will explore the world of crystal therapy, from the more common crystals like amethyst and rose quartz, to lesser known stones such as seraphynite and labradorite.  You will have the opportunity to handle them and see which ones you are drawn to.

Lynne will show you how you can use them to ease emotional and physical problems for yourself and others and you will look at how they can attract prosperity and happiness into your lives.

This workshop is open to everyone, whether you have knowledge of crystals or not as you will be sure to learn something new!

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