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Phoenix Spiritual Group's Support of Charities

At Phoenix Spiritual Group, we are delighted to be able to support a variety of charities each year.

Where we can, we aim to generate opportunities to raise funds for charitable organisations.  Most recently, we have raised funds for The Ark Project; Breast Cancer Care, Myeloma UK and Vera & District Lions, Spain.

We couldnt have done this without your fantastic support, through your donations in collection boxes, participation in our periodic raffles, direct donations and event fundraisers.

Here's A Massive Thank You

Over £1,700 & €850

raised since 2018

We are delighted to be able to support the Ark Project, helping homeless people throughout Berkshire.

"The Ark Project is a bus converted into a mobile resource centre to be parked up during the day as a safe place people can come to and get help for bullying, domestic abuse, depression, debt, substance addiction and housing issues.  Special help is offered for ex military. It has 10 beds upstairs & will double up as place for the homeless to sleep and get the help they need. It will convoy with an ex prison van that is being converted into a shower& toilet unit."

Your fundraising has supported Myeloma UK that supports families affected by the impact of this cancer.

Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a blood cancer arising from plasma cells. At any one time there are around 17,500 people living with myeloma in the UK. It accounts for 15 per cent of blood cancers, and two per cent of all cancers. Myeloma mainly affects those over the age of 65, however it has been diagnosed in people much younger.

Breast Cancer affects so many in this country and we are delighted to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care put people with breast cancer first! Their community of nurses, volunteers and people affected by breast cancer work to make sure everyone diagnosed with breast cancer gets the support they deserve.  They support people with free face-to-face groups, access to breast care nurses and peer support. They inform through theirr award-winning breast cancer publications and online information, campaign for better care and empower people to make the best decisions for them.

We are delighted to have raised funds for the Vera & District Lions to help vulnerable people in the Almeria Region of Spain 

The Lions undertake numerous projects in the Almeria Region of Spain where individual or groups find themselves in need of additional support.  This may be through helping adapt a home for someone with disabilities; enabling families to re-furnish a house devasted by flooding; providing food and blankets to the needy or making the last days of someones life as comfortable as possible.

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