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Enhance your  Spiritual Healing,

Mediumship &  Psychic Abilities

with Steven Levett & Janet Birdseye

Date: 20th April 2019

How often do you get the chance to experience two fabulous

and famous tutors, all in a one day workshop.


Steven Levett

Steven started out on his own path of Spiritual development but found he was becoming increasingly frustrated with the training programs available. A chance meeting with internationally renowned leading medium and Spiritual teacher Gordon Smith was to change Steven’s life, after Gordon recognized Steven's talent and wrote about their chance meeting in his book “Intuitive Studies”. Now internationally known, Steven teaches courses and workshops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and you will find him also in the UK having taught at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh, at the College of Psychic Studies in London and regularly featuring in the Gordon Smith and Friends Eastbourne Experience which runs twice yearly.

During this day, Steven will teach you how to become a channel for your Spirit Guide who heals through you, to bring balance to the mind and body of those who suffer with pain in this world.

He will teach you how to prepare yourself physically and mentally so you can achieve the best possible connection with your Guide and show you how to use this deeper connection through the power of healing.

Students will also be guided step by step on how to conduct a private one to one healing session.

Janet Birdseye

During Gordon’s last visit, Phoenix were fortunate enough to be introduced to a very special friend of his and now we’re delighted to say, a very dear friend of ours too, the lovely Janet Birdseye. Janet is an international medium who has served Spirit for more than 40 years throughout Europe, Africa and the Far East. During those years she has performed public demonstrations of mediumship, given many private readings to top stars and tutored many of today’s well respected mediums. Janet can be found tutoring alongside the likes Gordon Smith and Billy Cook at Spiritual retreats and workshops and currently reads at the London Spiritual Mission on a regular basis.

“I am so looking forward to being with you on the 20th April and we shall be doing different psychic and mediumistic exercises to help you with your Spirit communication.  As a child I played with Spirit children and so throughout my life they have always been with me, but we never stop learning and if spirit see we are dedicated and for the right reasons, they will be with us all the way on our Spiritual journey.”

Ever done a reading from a piece of string?   - well Janet will teach you how to!

Join Steven and Janet for this exciting day’s workshop.

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